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2023 Advisory Committee on Student Assignment Draft Guiding Principles

2023 Guiding Principles  

Final Draft 06/21/2023 

The following principles were drafted by the DC Advisory Committee on Student Assignment and Boundaries 2023 to guide the development of systematic and school-level recommendations to address the three goals of the Boundary and Student Assignment Study 2023.

A strong system of by-right neighborhood schools

We believe that all families in Washington, DC are entitled to a high-quality, by-right DCPS school located within a reasonable distance that offers the fundamental and inclusive programming necessary to ensure students are well educated and supported. We believe that vibrant neighborhood schools contribute to healthy communities and neighborhood life.   

Equitable access to high quality schools

We believe that families who have historically endured systemic discrimination and marginalization, including Black and Brown families, those living in poverty, learning English, and supporting students with special education needs, should have increased opportunities to access schools and programming that may fit their children’s needs better. This includes targeted access to other neighborhood schools via out of boundary seats or to citywide schools (i.e., public charter schools, citywide DCPS schools, or selective DCPS high schools). 

Predictable and continuous access to schools

We believe that families thrive when they know where their child has a right to attend school, there are predictable entry points to public school pathways, and there is continuity in programming from point of entry through graduation. Washington, DC has the responsibility to regularly reassess boundaries and enrollment policies that may impact future rights. 

Racially and socio-economically diverse schools

We believe that all students and communities flourish when schools have diverse student bodies, specifically racial/ethnic and socio economic, provided that schools have, at a minimum, welcoming, affirming, and culturally and linguistically responsive environments for students and families. Therefore, Washington, DC should promote opportunities for diverse student enrollment across all learning environments and all parts of the city.