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About DME

The DME is responsible for developing and implementing the Mayor's vision for academic excellence and creating a high quality education continuum from birth to 24 (from early childhood to K-12 to post-secondary and the workforce).

The three major functions of the DME include:

Our Team

Title Name and Email
Chief of Staff Scheherazade Salimi scheherazade.salimi@dc.gov
Special Assistant Tara Lynch tara.lynch@dc.gov
Capital Program Manager Althea Holford althea.holford@dc.gov
Early Childhood Education Miriam Calderon miriam.calderon@dc.gov
Data Analyst Cecilia Kaltz cecilia.kaltz@dc.gov
Senior Policy Advisor Data Analysis Jennifer Comey jennifer.comey@dc.gov
Senior Policy Advisor Disconnected Youth Celine Fejeran celine.fejeran@dc.gov
Senior Policy Advisor Truancy & Dropout Prevention Abby Bonder abby.bonder@dc.gov
Senior Policy Advisor Joint Planning Claudia Lujan claudia.lujan@dc.gov
Special Assistant for Special Projects Judi Greenberg judi.greenberg@dc.gov
Senior Policy Advisor Common Lottery Amy Lerman amy.lerman@dc.gov