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Reuse of Surplus School Buildings

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) is responsible for managing the reuse of surplus school buildings. As part of ensuring a streamlined and transparent process, this website will:

  • Be a record of all surplus school buildings including both previously surplused and currently available buildings. 
  • Identify buildings available for reuse. DME works closely with DC Public Schools (DCPS) and the Department of General Services (DGS) to identify buildings that will be made available for lease.
  • Communicate the process for organizations to express interest in operating a building and the lease or disposition of a property.

The Process

The District School Reuse process is guided by D.C. law and requires coordination between DME, DCPS and DGS. Once the District has determined that certain buildings are surplus in accordance with DC Code, these buildings are made available through a public solicitation called a Request for Offers (RFO). The RFO gives charter schools and charter school incubators the first right to submit an offer(s) to reuse surplus school buildings.  DME both creates and administers the RFO. After an RFO award is made, DGS, which is the real estate arm of the District government, disposes of the surplus school property through sale or lease.  The chart below outlines the District School Reuse process in further detail.


Should you have questions regarding this process, contact Alexander Cross, Special Assistant.


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