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Safe Passage to School

Share your insight and suggestions for improving student safety as students travel to and from school.

Click here to view the Safe Passage interactive map to determine your route to school.

School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group

The School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group was established to better understand and enhance safety-related policies that affect both DC Public Schools and public charter schools, particularly where school safety intersects with efforts from District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Metropolitan Transit Police Department (MTPD), and the community (including Local Education Agency- and community-based safe passage initiatives). Members include agencies under the oversight of the Deputy Mayor for Education and the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, and others such as the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA). This Working Group is tasked with addressing District student and school safety concerns, especially as students arrive and depart from school.

Initial Safe Passage Priority Areas

In August 2017, the School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group collectively decided to focus on specific areas of the city to improve student safety as they travel to and from school. Areas were selected based on the number of student-involved incidents in the area using data from MTPD from the 2016-2017 school year and anecdotal information from various stakeholders within the Working Group. To support cross-sector collaboration between DCPS and public charter schools, DME hosts coordination calls for each of the initial safe passage priority areas between the school leaders, police officers, and transportation specialists that work in those areas to create solutions for an student safety issue that is present in that cluster. The School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group will continue to evaluate the safety in each of the initial priority areas to determine if additional support in the area is necessary. In addition, the School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group will consider expanding the existing group of safe passage areas based on student safety concerns. The Safe Passage Priority Areas include:

  • Anacostia Metro Station
  • Minnesota Avenue Metro Station
  • L'Enfant Plaza/Waterfront Metro Station
  • NoMa-Gallaudet Metro Station
  • Good Hope Road SE Corridor
  • Congress Heights

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